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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Kennedy Funeral: Boston's Latest Scandal

In a chapter of The Faithful Departed, Phil tells the story of the gathering of prominent theologians and political heavy hitters at the Kennedy compound. Their mission? To make the legalization of abortion palatable to the Democratic party.

This event is a huge marker in the timeline of The Scandal -- pedophilia committed by priests and sanctioned by bishops.

The epicenter of The Scandal is Boston.

Thus, the virtual canonization of Ted Kennedy at his funeral is indeed part of the continuing scandal. Read Phil's essay on The Kennedy Funeral: Boston's Latest Scandal at Catholic Culture. Then buy the book!


Meredith said...

I saw this noted in What Does The Prayer Really Say and had to see for myself if this Phil Lawler was part of my favorite Like Mother, Like Daughter family!

Here's the link with complimentary remarks to your husband from Bishop Gracida:

Leila said...

Hi Meredith! Good to hear from you!