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Monday, April 14, 2008

Listen and see!

Here are upcoming engagements:


Taped interview with Greg Wayland on NECN (New England Cable News) -- I have to get back to you on the time. --ETA: 9:25 pm.

Interview on WBZ with Dan Rea at 9 pm.


Taped interview on WBUR -- I'll get back to you with the time. --ETA: The Morning Edition show, which is kind of long but he'll be on that one. He'll be on at either 5:35, repeated at 7:35 or 6:35, repeated at 8:35. Thereafter, the interview will be on the website!


Chet Curtis report on NECN, 7- 7:30 pm.


Interview with Byron Barnett on WHDH-TV, 9 am (or so).

Catholic Answers radio live at 6 pm.

These are Eastern times. I'll try to get links to these shows in case you miss them.

And do check in on the Howie Carr interview -- Thanks, Mary, for finding the link! Everyone was excited about that interview, including Howie, who went overtime with Phil and told him he'd have to have him on again!


M. Alexander said...

A full schedule but when is the first book signing????

Karen said...

I emailed the Howie Carr show today, which we get here in Maine, and asked when they're going to have Mr. Lawler on again.

M. Alexander said...

Thanks Karen, you're the greatest!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI: You may want to know that at the Daughters of St. Paul store (Pauline Book and Media) in Dedham, Faithful Departed has been pulled from the shelves, because the Daughters were told that the book contained many factual "inaccuracies." Apparently they were told this by someone from the Pilot, but I cannot confirm that. I learned this from a good friend who attempted to buy the book at that store, and this is what he was told. The woman at the counter did, however, tell him that they could order a copy for him. You may want to talk to someone at the Daughters about this.
I have read the book and thought it was excellent, and I've recommended it to many people (including the friend who tried to buy it at the Daughters store). Best of luck with it.

Leila said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Thanks for your affirming words!

We are looking into the Drs. of St. Paul issue.